Friday, April 12, 2013

Love where you live

 I grew up in Northern Utah which is an amazingly beautiful place. And except for my brief stint in Idaho it was the only place I had ever lived up until last year, when we made the move to Southern Utah. You would think it was two completely different worlds. 

St George was a place where I vacationed when I lived up north, and I loved coming down for the warmer temperatures and dry heat.

The heat here reminds me of an oven. When I moved down here last year I was still defrosting from the winter and it felt like a big warm hug every time I stepped outside. 

I've always been a picture junkie. I chalk it up to having a terrible memory, so pictures help me out. But when I would go to get my pictures from the store... back in the olden days with film and all, I would be so disappointed in any kind of landscape or scenery picture I took. Bleh.... without people in the photo, how was it special to me? They just seemed so generic. 

Who knew all it would take for me to LOVE this kind of photo would be Instagram, and moving down here? Everything here is new to me, exciting, and HAS to be documented. Lol!

I have developed such an immense appreciation for this big beautiful world since moving here. I am the kind of gal who LOVES to be comfortable and LOVES the familiar, so this has been quite a change for me... as silly as that sounds living in the same state and all. 

This picture above is my sanctuary..... welcome.

I guess I'm the kind of girl that needs a little push now and again to try new things. And this push was exactly what I needed. 

This photo above.... KILLS ME! There was no filter used here, it is just that beautiful. This is a place we love going 4-wheeling. 

And I just had to throw in a picture of my little desert rose. 

I guess I've never posted these before because they aren't usually what I blog about. But I'm growing and expanding and this kind of photography has been just therapeutic. And it's almost silly to call it photography. It's just art made with nature and my phone. Thank the good Lord above for iphones. No, I'm being completely serious. Without my phone I would be lost.

It helps me appreciate this world. 

I am so glad we moved. It forced me to grow, and I needed it! Here are a few more of my favorites I've taken since moving here.... 

and if you're like I was and hate these kind of pics, no worries, I'll be back to my regular old blogging my kiddos sweet faces again real soon. :)


kristen said...

beautiful! every single one. keep 'em coming!

Brein said...

Thank you so much Kristen!

Kellie & Cody said...

They are absolutely gorgeous!!! Stunning!


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