Thursday, April 18, 2013

2 words

My lil bug has been saying two words at a time now and it has just been cracking me up. 
Sometimes she'll say a sentence really slow but she is loving saying two words at a time over and over. 

Here are just a few she said today.

I told her we were going to pick up London from school and she said...
Nah-dee Wa-Wah, NAH-dee Wa-Wah, NAH-DEE Wa-Wah

(Naughty London)

Then I pulled the car over to get something out of the back and she was wanting to get out and walk but was missing a shoe so she said.....
Shoo's Walk, Shoo's WAlk, SHOO's WALK!

(Shoes Walk)

Then she found a pair of 3D glasses and was trying to look at a book that came with them and said
Gasses Weed, Gasses Weed, Gasses WEED

(Glasses Read)

She also sometimes adds a "T" sound to the end of words, especially shoes she likes to say shoos-tuh, or for drink she'll say Dink-tuh, it is so weird but super cute. 

What a silly little nut. 


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