Friday, March 15, 2013

The black and white phase

It's been so long since I blogged, I bet you thought this was my new baby I had while on hiatus! Ha! ;)

Apparently I am in a black and white phase. I didn't even realize it until I looked at my instagram feed and all the color was gone. The picture above is my sweet niece (actually cousins baby) Harlee. She is the prettiest girl and I loved meeting her this past weekend when I went up to B-town.

 This pictures are in no particular order. This one I took a month or two ago of my girlies on the trampoline. Boo was teething (still is) and Lo was unsympathetic. ;)

 This one is when the girls and I went to pick J-man up early from school one day. They saw this self portrait he did outside his classroom and "coochie-coochie-cooed" his face because they thought it was so cute.

 Here is a throw-back-thursday pic of my holding my little Berry Button. Miss Aariel Marty Jo when she was a wee lass. I suppose we are both wee. I'm just the only one who stayed that way.

 Here we are back to a pic from my trip of Lola Monroe holding Miss Harlee and my seester Madi. Such a sweet moment with these girls. Madi totally has my moms hands, its a trip.

 This is my most recent shot I took yesterday or the girls cuddling up after their bath. I love the drop of water coming off Irelee's hair by London's mouth. And Lo's lashes KILL me! No fair!

And this picture is a shot of Lo after her first major haircut. This little stink got a large amount of gum stuck in her hair, and I had to cut it out. Then after a week of trying to hide it in pony tails and such I finally quit crying like a baby and cut it. She is so dang cute with it, but I was holding on to that long hair for dear life for some reason. We took about 7 inches off.

 And here is my little man. I took him on my trip to B-town. We had such a fun time bonding! It was so good for him to be able to spend time with family. I still feel guilty for not bringing the girls, but I knew I needed a mommy time out and since this man is usually in school instead of home driving me bananas  I wanted him to have a chance for some mommy time. We even hit up Zupa's on our way out because it's our favorite together.

I apologize for my major hiatus on the blog. It's crazy because I was thinking that with J-man I scrapbooked, with Lolo I blogged and now with Irelee I instagram. You can follow me @aerodaisy if you're on. I'm way more dedicated over there right now. It's just so easy peasy done and done! Then a little facebook and Candy Crush and..... well you get the point. (iphone addict) I hope to put a little more on over here as I will be getting my camera out of the shop later this week, so I'm anxious for that! If you're still following, thank you! I know its so hard with our crazy lives, but these memories will be worth it, so I'll do better... just you wait and see! (famous last words ;))

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Kellie & Cody said...

You make me laugh! I did think you'd had a baby! And wee lass....I haven't heard that phrase since I was British. (I'm joking!) Thanks for making me smile..and the black and white phase looks great!


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