Friday, February 1, 2013

Irelee 19 mo

 Irelee used to nap while London was in school. She goes 2 hours a day, 4 days a week. Anyway this gal has changed her routine and now naps after London's school, which has given me some great alone time with her. I feel bad I kind of missed out on that with London while I was working. It's so fun getting to know your kids one by one. Because all of them together it is sheer madness!

Irelee is 19 months old now and is becoming so fun.

She is super talkative all of a sudden and says things that come out of no where you didn't know she could say. Her new word yesterday was "backpack" she found one and wore it around everywhere and kept saying it over and over. Also the CUTEST thing she says is "happy." It started on Christmas day she ran around the house all day saying "happy, happy, happy, happy" Now when we go see the ducks or get her a cookie she repeats it over and over. It's not hard to tell when she's pleased. I love that!

She loves playing with babies. Putting their diapers on, playing rock-a-bye, pushing them around in the stroller, and putting them to bed. She's a good little mama. But when I ask her if she's my baby she nods her head in an emphatic yes. :)

Which brings me to her nodding. She loves to nod for yes and shake her head for no. She also likes using sign language for "please" She had a hard time saying that when she first started talking, so I taught her that and she prefers it to saying yes. She seems to enjoy talking for entertainment, but using gestures to convey what she wants. Except if she wants a cookie. Then she repeats cookie pretty much until we find her one. Oh and when she wants to go see the ducks she says "quack quack"

She now shares a room with London and sleeps in her crib about 1/2 the night. Then she cries and we bring her into bed with us. I'm not sure how to break that habit. It took me until Jameson was 4 to break the same one.

She loves wearing shoes and putting on other peoples shoes as well as their clothes.

She's super cuddly. I just love it! Jameson would tolerate me snuggling on him but wasn't cuddly on his own, and London didn't want anything of the kind. So its been so fun to have a little one who wants to cuddle.

She loves to run and hide from me. Especially if she needs to take medicine or get a diaper change. Her favorite places are behind the curtains, in closets behind clothes and in the tiny space between the wall and the couch under the arm. And sometimes during the day I realize I haven't seen her for a few minutes so I panic and start calling her name and running around trying to find her. worrying someone left the door unlocked and she escaped. And she is so dang quite hiding somewhere with a sly smile. She thinks she's so funny. She is going to be the best at hide-and-go-seek.

She is obsessed with the scary monkey mask Doug wore for Halloween. She knows where we keep it and begs us to get it out, and then when we put it on she loves getting scared. It is the most bizarre thing to me because I've never understood the whole wanting to be scared thing. I don't watch scary movies at all and neither does Doug. My other two kids get scared by commercials for silly creepy kids movies, so I have no idea where this love of being scared comes from.

She loves playing the kids DS's. And anytime she can get her hands on one she sits down and plays best she can. She also loves it when you give her a Wii remote so she can play along with the kids when they are playing Wii.

She's happiest when she's outside, which works out well living here. The weather has been amazing and yesterday we spent the entire day outside.

I still can't wrap my head around the fact that she is a toddler now and not a baby. After her bath the other day I wrapped her in her baby blanket and laid her in a laundry basket for old times sake. She puts up with my craziness and was happy to play along. 

 Here are a few shots from yesterday. Some from seeing the ducks. (by far her favorite animal) And the bottom right pic is her saying CHEESE!

Irelee Jo-Ann, if you read this someday just know how much I love you! You are such an angel and a complete joy to be around, and there is nothing you could ever do to change my mind. Xoxoxoxoxo!


Kellie & Cody said...

Have I ever told you how much I love your kids names? They are awesome and unique.

Brein said...

Awe, thank you Kellie~!! You are so sweet!

Li said...

She's such a cutie! So fun to hear what she's up to. :)


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