Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Does anyone feel a huge shift since 2013 came around? I feel happier, brighter, and more full of hope! What a wonderful change! Not that I was a sad sack before, it's just a more tangible feeling now.

I'm just getting ready to head out and take the kids to the dentist, how fun! ;) So far my kids have lucked out in the cavity department and they've never had one. Knock on wood. Hopefully we'll have more good news.

I do plan on blogging more.... ya, ya, we've heard it all before I know. But I've come to terms with instagram pics being used here more often and I'll save my big mama for more special occasions. It will make blogging a lot easier. Love ya all! Thanks for stopping by!


Kellie & Cody said...

I am extremely happy for the blog updates!

So, I wanted to share something about your comment for 2013. My mother in law does a-lot with astrology, planetary shifts, etc. She never believed in the end of the world...but she did believe that things would continually get more negative until December 2012...and that there is now a shift in the opposite (positive) direction. I sure hope this is true!

Brein said...

That's cool! I would love an astrologist in my family. I feel it and I have heard it's a new age! Thank goodness!


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