Saturday, November 24, 2012


I'm not sure you want to know why she's laughing. But I'll tell you anyway. :)
She's into telling jokes lately. But not just any jokes, totally inappropriate jokes involving bodily functions ands such. The truth is, I haven't seen her laugh this hard in a long time so I decided to let it slide. :) 

Thanksgiving this year was quite fun. I was worried because I'm used to having it with my big, loud and super fun family. But staying home ended up being a dream. We only made the things we like. (everything) And we ate as soon as it was ready. There was no need to pack up food and kids and diapers and coats and drive anywhere. We stayed warm and cozy (easy to do here in the sunshine) and just enjoyed each others company. 

 Boo decided to fall asleep right before dinner was ready. So she missed out, but had leftovers and that's the best part anyway, right? ;)

 I bought a little turkey because it was just us, and survived quite a verbal beating from every member of the family for buying a "BABY." I tried explaining it was full grown but small for it's age, like me. But they didn't buy it and to be honest I'm not sure how old the lil guy was, but I'm hoping it had a long full life. If you know any different please don't tell me, I'll feel awful! Anyway the lil guy fell over in the pan while it was roasting, but it still ended up amazing. Brine, brine, brine.... that IS the key. :)

This lil stinker decided to give us all a show for the holiday and took her diaper off, ran up to the TV and peed right next to us while we all watched in horror. AGH!!!!! I also took a picture of the back of her head to show her cute curls. Since J-man has such an amazing head of hair, the girls pretty curls usually take a back seat. They hide underneath the long straight hair on top. So I thought I should document them while I can. London's are adorable too, it's so funny when her hair gets wet and she has  all these curls popping out underneath her straight hair. Anyway, I have strayed.... back to Thanksgiving. :)

It was wonderful, we ate and then ate some more, and then we danced. We love a good dance party, especially Boo. And then we stayed up late and watched Elf. It was magical, even if we did miss our family up north we had a wonderful holiday and we're glad they did too.



Kellie & Cody said...

This sounds like it was a blast!! They actually do kill turkeys as young as two months old....nahhh, I totally just made that up!!

Li said...

Sounds like a good Thanksgiving! Was it maybe just a turkey breast and not the whole thing? lol Glad it turned out yummy!


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