Saturday, July 19, 2014

I just can't quit you....

So, after giving this blog up, and setting it to private, I have decided, I'm back. Too many comma's? Sorry I haven't typed in forever. My phone was my lifeline. So what changed my mind? Well since I went private, I've probably lost all of my followers, so no pressure! Ha! But also it was looking through my sister Madi's old blog posts, and even mine for #tbt - it just made me realize, what the hell? Why not? And here I am.

So, let's see, where were we? Oh yes. I have 3 kids. They are just as amazing and challenging as ever. ;) I moved back to B-town, so that's been fun! Of course, ask me how I feel in the winter, will ya? Here's an update of everybody....

Doug has an awesome job, that used to take him traveling all over the world, but now he has fewer and bigger accounts closer to home, so we get to see him more. He's a workaholic, but has also been enjoying mowing the lawn and going on family adventures.

Brein (me) (yes we're doing this Christmas card style) - Brein is enjoying being a stay at home mom. Lol! But for real. My job is awesome. I get to be with my kids 24/7. On the flip side, I'm with my kids 24/7! Aghhh!!! I kid, I kid! But really we are settling into our life up north and quite enjoying being around family again. We also got a dog. His name is Bru.  He is awful. ;) What I mean to say is he is precious, and also a complete handful. He's a labradoodle, but I'm afraid he's mostly lab... and he grew BIG way too fast and chews up everything, runs down children, escapes the back yard, digs holes and bites my ankles. He's darling. Ahem. He is beautiful and is also potty trained, so there is some good going on there too. ;)

Jameson IS 10!!! Almost 11! Where did time go?! He is a scientist and loves all things sciency (that's a word now, k Websters?) His favorite thing in the world is chemistry, but a close second is Mine Craft. He is obsessed. He's my biggest helper and is a wonderful big brother. He also got some snazzy new glasses! His vision isn't terrible, so the eye doc said we could wait a while before glasses, but he was stoked and feels it completes his sciency look.

London, Lolo, Low-bs, Lolo-B - my girl is 6! Bah! It's true. She really shone this year in kindergarten. She loves to be challenged and thrives at school. At home, she's a handful. ;) She is also into Mine Craft, and plays with her siblings. Today she wrote and illustrated a book called "You Should Never Go to the Mansion." It's a thriller, I don't want to say too much... I'll let y'all find out more when its a Best Seller.

Irelee, Boo - Girlfriend is 3! Three!!!!! Wow! I feel like I'm writing in my journal, because whenever I look back at passages I'm always writing about how old everyone is, but when I'm reading it, I'm like dude... I can just read the date and figure it out from there. But where as I'm writing this for all of you wonderful people, I will pretend it is of great interest to you. Irelee's favorite color is pink. She loves Sofia the First, Yo Gabba Gabba, Peppa Pig, princesses, tiara's, dresses, singing and dancing. She thinks that me her and Doug are the adults and often calls her siblings "the kids" - She's too much.

I hope you all enjoyed a little catch up. I know I did. I feel accomplished, like 3 years from now I can look back on this blog for another #tbt and see this!

Now I'm going to try and find some pictures to put up, cause that's the best part of blogs anyway.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Night night blog

So truth be told my blog is like something on my to do list that is always in the back of my mind, that I never get around to. I have become an instagram addict and it has replaced my blog addiction. I would love to keep up with my blogging friends and invite you to follow me there, my user name is aerodaisy. Leave me a note letting me know who you are and I can follow you back. I have loved all my friends I've met on here, and have loved keeping up with all of you. But life with 3 kids has gotten so crazy, that I've downsized blogging to gramming. I'm not saying I will never blog again. I truly hope that one day I'll be back and light it up!

But for now it just stresses me out knowing my blog sits lifeless and waiting. So I'm taking a hiatus! (maybe you've noticed I already have) ;)

I love you all! My kids are doing well, and are still the loves of my life! Thank you for following me all these years.


Let's stay in touch!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

2 words

My lil bug has been saying two words at a time now and it has just been cracking me up. 
Sometimes she'll say a sentence really slow but she is loving saying two words at a time over and over. 

Here are just a few she said today.

I told her we were going to pick up London from school and she said...
Nah-dee Wa-Wah, NAH-dee Wa-Wah, NAH-DEE Wa-Wah

(Naughty London)

Then I pulled the car over to get something out of the back and she was wanting to get out and walk but was missing a shoe so she said.....
Shoo's Walk, Shoo's WAlk, SHOO's WALK!

(Shoes Walk)

Then she found a pair of 3D glasses and was trying to look at a book that came with them and said
Gasses Weed, Gasses Weed, Gasses WEED

(Glasses Read)

She also sometimes adds a "T" sound to the end of words, especially shoes she likes to say shoos-tuh, or for drink she'll say Dink-tuh, it is so weird but super cute. 

What a silly little nut. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Love where you live

 I grew up in Northern Utah which is an amazingly beautiful place. And except for my brief stint in Idaho it was the only place I had ever lived up until last year, when we made the move to Southern Utah. You would think it was two completely different worlds. 

St George was a place where I vacationed when I lived up north, and I loved coming down for the warmer temperatures and dry heat.

The heat here reminds me of an oven. When I moved down here last year I was still defrosting from the winter and it felt like a big warm hug every time I stepped outside. 

I've always been a picture junkie. I chalk it up to having a terrible memory, so pictures help me out. But when I would go to get my pictures from the store... back in the olden days with film and all, I would be so disappointed in any kind of landscape or scenery picture I took. Bleh.... without people in the photo, how was it special to me? They just seemed so generic. 

Who knew all it would take for me to LOVE this kind of photo would be Instagram, and moving down here? Everything here is new to me, exciting, and HAS to be documented. Lol!

I have developed such an immense appreciation for this big beautiful world since moving here. I am the kind of gal who LOVES to be comfortable and LOVES the familiar, so this has been quite a change for me... as silly as that sounds living in the same state and all. 

This picture above is my sanctuary..... welcome.

I guess I'm the kind of girl that needs a little push now and again to try new things. And this push was exactly what I needed. 

This photo above.... KILLS ME! There was no filter used here, it is just that beautiful. This is a place we love going 4-wheeling. 

And I just had to throw in a picture of my little desert rose. 

I guess I've never posted these before because they aren't usually what I blog about. But I'm growing and expanding and this kind of photography has been just therapeutic. And it's almost silly to call it photography. It's just art made with nature and my phone. Thank the good Lord above for iphones. No, I'm being completely serious. Without my phone I would be lost.

It helps me appreciate this world. 

I am so glad we moved. It forced me to grow, and I needed it! Here are a few more of my favorites I've taken since moving here.... 

and if you're like I was and hate these kind of pics, no worries, I'll be back to my regular old blogging my kiddos sweet faces again real soon. :)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

The black and white phase

It's been so long since I blogged, I bet you thought this was my new baby I had while on hiatus! Ha! ;)

Apparently I am in a black and white phase. I didn't even realize it until I looked at my instagram feed and all the color was gone. The picture above is my sweet niece (actually cousins baby) Harlee. She is the prettiest girl and I loved meeting her this past weekend when I went up to B-town.

 This pictures are in no particular order. This one I took a month or two ago of my girlies on the trampoline. Boo was teething (still is) and Lo was unsympathetic. ;)

 This one is when the girls and I went to pick J-man up early from school one day. They saw this self portrait he did outside his classroom and "coochie-coochie-cooed" his face because they thought it was so cute.

 Here is a throw-back-thursday pic of my holding my little Berry Button. Miss Aariel Marty Jo when she was a wee lass. I suppose we are both wee. I'm just the only one who stayed that way.

 Here we are back to a pic from my trip of Lola Monroe holding Miss Harlee and my seester Madi. Such a sweet moment with these girls. Madi totally has my moms hands, its a trip.

 This is my most recent shot I took yesterday or the girls cuddling up after their bath. I love the drop of water coming off Irelee's hair by London's mouth. And Lo's lashes KILL me! No fair!

And this picture is a shot of Lo after her first major haircut. This little stink got a large amount of gum stuck in her hair, and I had to cut it out. Then after a week of trying to hide it in pony tails and such I finally quit crying like a baby and cut it. She is so dang cute with it, but I was holding on to that long hair for dear life for some reason. We took about 7 inches off.

 And here is my little man. I took him on my trip to B-town. We had such a fun time bonding! It was so good for him to be able to spend time with family. I still feel guilty for not bringing the girls, but I knew I needed a mommy time out and since this man is usually in school instead of home driving me bananas  I wanted him to have a chance for some mommy time. We even hit up Zupa's on our way out because it's our favorite together.

I apologize for my major hiatus on the blog. It's crazy because I was thinking that with J-man I scrapbooked, with Lolo I blogged and now with Irelee I instagram. You can follow me @aerodaisy if you're on. I'm way more dedicated over there right now. It's just so easy peasy done and done! Then a little facebook and Candy Crush and..... well you get the point. (iphone addict) I hope to put a little more on over here as I will be getting my camera out of the shop later this week, so I'm anxious for that! If you're still following, thank you! I know its so hard with our crazy lives, but these memories will be worth it, so I'll do better... just you wait and see! (famous last words ;))

Friday, February 1, 2013

Irelee 19 mo

 Irelee used to nap while London was in school. She goes 2 hours a day, 4 days a week. Anyway this gal has changed her routine and now naps after London's school, which has given me some great alone time with her. I feel bad I kind of missed out on that with London while I was working. It's so fun getting to know your kids one by one. Because all of them together it is sheer madness!

Irelee is 19 months old now and is becoming so fun.

She is super talkative all of a sudden and says things that come out of no where you didn't know she could say. Her new word yesterday was "backpack" she found one and wore it around everywhere and kept saying it over and over. Also the CUTEST thing she says is "happy." It started on Christmas day she ran around the house all day saying "happy, happy, happy, happy" Now when we go see the ducks or get her a cookie she repeats it over and over. It's not hard to tell when she's pleased. I love that!

She loves playing with babies. Putting their diapers on, playing rock-a-bye, pushing them around in the stroller, and putting them to bed. She's a good little mama. But when I ask her if she's my baby she nods her head in an emphatic yes. :)

Which brings me to her nodding. She loves to nod for yes and shake her head for no. She also likes using sign language for "please" She had a hard time saying that when she first started talking, so I taught her that and she prefers it to saying yes. She seems to enjoy talking for entertainment, but using gestures to convey what she wants. Except if she wants a cookie. Then she repeats cookie pretty much until we find her one. Oh and when she wants to go see the ducks she says "quack quack"

She now shares a room with London and sleeps in her crib about 1/2 the night. Then she cries and we bring her into bed with us. I'm not sure how to break that habit. It took me until Jameson was 4 to break the same one.

She loves wearing shoes and putting on other peoples shoes as well as their clothes.

She's super cuddly. I just love it! Jameson would tolerate me snuggling on him but wasn't cuddly on his own, and London didn't want anything of the kind. So its been so fun to have a little one who wants to cuddle.

She loves to run and hide from me. Especially if she needs to take medicine or get a diaper change. Her favorite places are behind the curtains, in closets behind clothes and in the tiny space between the wall and the couch under the arm. And sometimes during the day I realize I haven't seen her for a few minutes so I panic and start calling her name and running around trying to find her. worrying someone left the door unlocked and she escaped. And she is so dang quite hiding somewhere with a sly smile. She thinks she's so funny. She is going to be the best at hide-and-go-seek.

She is obsessed with the scary monkey mask Doug wore for Halloween. She knows where we keep it and begs us to get it out, and then when we put it on she loves getting scared. It is the most bizarre thing to me because I've never understood the whole wanting to be scared thing. I don't watch scary movies at all and neither does Doug. My other two kids get scared by commercials for silly creepy kids movies, so I have no idea where this love of being scared comes from.

She loves playing the kids DS's. And anytime she can get her hands on one she sits down and plays best she can. She also loves it when you give her a Wii remote so she can play along with the kids when they are playing Wii.

She's happiest when she's outside, which works out well living here. The weather has been amazing and yesterday we spent the entire day outside.

I still can't wrap my head around the fact that she is a toddler now and not a baby. After her bath the other day I wrapped her in her baby blanket and laid her in a laundry basket for old times sake. She puts up with my craziness and was happy to play along. 

 Here are a few shots from yesterday. Some from seeing the ducks. (by far her favorite animal) And the bottom right pic is her saying CHEESE!

Irelee Jo-Ann, if you read this someday just know how much I love you! You are such an angel and a complete joy to be around, and there is nothing you could ever do to change my mind. Xoxoxoxoxo!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Daddy's Girls

 A couple of days ago I was asking London about the boys in her class. She's friends with all the boys (more so than the girls) and doesn't have a crush on any of them. So I asked her who she was going to marry, and she said "My daddy!" I said but I'm already married to him. So she said we could share him. I said who will kiss him? We both will, she said. I asked her a bunch more questions and she answered the same. She's been a daddy's girl from the start. The first year of her life she preferred him over me. I won her over since then but lately she is right back to being her daddy's girl.

Then as if to prove a point the next day I kept catching these two canoodling! Lol! I would like to think J-man is a mama's boy, but when ever me and dad are arguing over something, he chooses his dads side. EVERY time. These little stinkers need to be reminded of who carried them for nine months! ;)

Friday, January 11, 2013


 We went to the dentist yesterday and it was pretty much awesome! 
Irelee slept practically the whole time which made it nice. Although there was another girl about her age and size with the same hair running around so it seemed like she was awake. 

J-man made himself at home.

Lo was showing me how she opened her mouth for x-rays. ;)

No cavities!!! YAY! (still knocking on wood)

I thought getting them a treat for being so good might be a bad idea since they just got their teeth cleaned. So instead we went to the park. I was so excited because it was finally WARM again!!
How cute is my lil sunshine standing there? I just love her face!

I think this one speaks for itself. ;)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Does anyone feel a huge shift since 2013 came around? I feel happier, brighter, and more full of hope! What a wonderful change! Not that I was a sad sack before, it's just a more tangible feeling now.

I'm just getting ready to head out and take the kids to the dentist, how fun! ;) So far my kids have lucked out in the cavity department and they've never had one. Knock on wood. Hopefully we'll have more good news.

I do plan on blogging more.... ya, ya, we've heard it all before I know. But I've come to terms with instagram pics being used here more often and I'll save my big mama for more special occasions. It will make blogging a lot easier. Love ya all! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Monday, November 26, 2012

The 10%

We had a rough night last night. Irelee has been sleeping in her crib lately. Boo-YA!~ But, the last few nights she wakes up crying so I pull her into bed with me. Last night that didn't help at all. She just kept crying on and off all night. Doug has been sleeping on the couch lately because his neck and has been acting up, so it was just the two of us. We have a king size bed, but when Boo sleeps with me I get about 6 to 12 inches on one side and she tries pushing me out all night long. Well last night she was all over the place and even fell off Doug's side. Poor thing! 

So today I decided I best take her back to the doctor to check her little ears, because I swear that girl has an ear infection more than not.

The doctors office was so Christmasy. It was darling. And they had a big moose there and a reindeer. So she got to learn about animals other than the typical barnyard bunch. She loved them, and said "Moo" and "Dee." I could just eat her up she's so cute. Anyway her doctor told me she's part of the 10%. And then explained that tubes work in about 90% of kids. Once they get them they don't have trouble with their ears again. Ie: London. Anyway, she said the other 10% of kids just keep on having the same problems. She said her tubes looked wonderful, but all around the tube was angry red and infected. Poor kid. She has had more ear infections than anyone I know! So she's back on an antibiotic and hopefully tonight we'll all get a little more sleep. Here's hoping! 


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